Our speciality gives you more choice

  • Routine care - traditional chiropody
  • Fungal nail infection - this unsightly condition is often resistant to treatment. Total Foot Care employs the most up-to- date method of treatment - the Clearanail system - to address this disorder. Clearanail painlessly introduces minute holes into the nailplate which then allows an antifungal spray to reach the very source of the infection.
  • Ultrasound therapy - this is used to treat foot injuries or deep-seated aches and pains. Individual applications are quick, painless, and effective.
  • Childrens feet - not all foot problems begin in adulthood. Often children display slight abnormalities which can be ignored; this may occur because they cause little discomfort at this stage. However, if left alone they can develop into increased problems later in life.
  • Minor surgery - nail problems, verrucae, superficial skin lesions. These painful complaints can be successfully cured under local anaesthesia with little disruption in lifestyle.
  • Biomechanics - this is the study of the limb and foot in motion. Many people suffer from acute or chronic pain in the foot, lower limb, or even in the lower back. Often the cause of this complaint is misalignment of the feet (just as trouble with foundations of a house causes cracks by the bathroom window, so can lower back problems, for example, be caused by lack of stability in the feet). Athletes, joggers and other sporting people can often benefit from biomechanical assessment as well as those of us who prefer a less energetic lifestyle.
  • Foot surgery - although Richard has now retired from full surgical practice, he continues to provide an advisory service to the NHS in Cornwall. At Total Foot Care he can offer comprehensive advice on full surgery of the foot and often facilitate this where necessary through your GP.